Nettle Stirrups 2″ Cherry Half Breed



  • Ronnie Nettles Designed
  • 2″ Half Breed
  • Cherry Stain
  • Triple coat varnish
  • 6 piece laminated
  • 6″ X 5 1/8″
  • Steel Nuts and Washers
  • Double Steel Rollers
  • Slimmer sides for a less constricted feel
  • Leather Wrapped Bottom


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Nettle Stirrups 2″ Cherry Half Breed

Nettle Stirrups 2″ Cherry Half Breed wooden stirrup designed by NCHA hall of fame cutting horse trainer Ronnie Nettle.  The Half Breed is the perfect stirrup for you if you like riding in oxbow stirrups but want a flat bottom.  The Half Breed has a wider opening through the middle so it’s perfect for someone that has a wider foot.

Nettle Stirrups have double steel rollers for extra strength.  The rollers have a smaller throat diameter, which helps to eliminate shin pressure.  Rather than use leather bellies for its stirrup treads, Nettles Stirrups uses the best leather to enhance a longer tread life.

One of the best features of all in the Nettles Stirrup is the use of only the highest quality materials on the market – from wood to leather to steel. Add exceptional craftsmanship and you’ve got a stirrup you can trust.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 15.00 × 8.00 × 5.00 in

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