Reptile Cleaner and Conditioner


Getting the dirt out of those stubborn cracks and places on your boots is much harder than it might seem. The answer is right here, Reptile Cleaner and Conditioner. This cleaner comes in an aerosol can. When you spray it on your boots, it foams up and brings all the dirt to the surface. After it foams up, all you do is wipe the dirt off and go on to condition the leather after. Like the name says, this product is safe and great on exotic boots such as gator, ostrich, or lizard. Even great for boots with inlays. BUT is great on all leather if you just want to make sure you really get the dirt out of the boots. We highly recommend you start with this when cleaning your boots!

Getting the dirt out of those stubborn cracks and places on your boots is much harder than it might seem.  Reptile Cleaner and Conditioner gets the job done fast and efficiently.   This cleaner comes in an aeresol can and when sprayed on your boots or saddle, it foams up and begins working immediately.

Protect your investment in your saddles, boots and tack by keeping it cleaned, conditioned and well-maintained.   Not only are you protecting your investment, you’re enhancing your safety and the safety of your horse, while you’re riding.   Dry and cracked leather is certainly a concern whether you’re in the show arena or on the trails.   Reptile Cleaner and Conditioner can prolong the life of your saddle and tack.  Getting more life and value out of your leather products.

We have a great video series on cleaning and caring for leather available on our  Silver Spur Saddle Shop YouTube Channel OR at our very own, Silver Spur University.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 15.00 × 8.00 × 5.00 in

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