Water and Stain Protector


Water and Stain Protector

Silicone free, fluoropolymer formula protects leather, suede and nubuck from water, dirt and stains.  Spray this on your new boots to keep them looking like new.  Helps protect and repels against water and stains when applied to leather shoes, boots, handbags and jackets.

Water and Stain Protector

Kelly’s water protector contains a special poymer agent that repels water, while retaining the natural feel of the leather.  Recommended for all fine leather, suede and nubuck.  Ideal for use on boots, shoes, jackets and handbags.  Gives invisible water protection which won’t darken light colored leathers.

Protect your investment in your saddles, boots and tack by keeping it cleaned, conditioned and well-maintained.   Not only are you protecting your investment, you’re enhancing your safety and the safety of your horse, while you’re riding.   Dry and cracked leather is certainly a concern whether you’re in the show arena or on the trails.   Check out our video on boot care at our very own, Silver Spur University.

Don’t forget to check out our great accessories, jeans & boots to complete your look and as always, our Silver Spur University page is full of great tips and advice on everything from the right fit when it comes to jeans, boots (and even tying Wild Rags) as well as advice from some of the best trainers and veterinarians in the industry.

Check out our FREE educational videos, available at Silver Spur University.   You can learn about cleaning and preserving your tack, and protecting your investment in the process.   We also have a great array of training tips and advice from World Champion Reining Horse Trainer and Horseman, Mike Davis available.   We’ve interviewed some of our favorite students from ISU, all of whom were specializing in Equine Management/Pre-Vet and more.  They ARE the future of the industry after all and we hope you will check them out!

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 15.00 × 8.00 × 5.00 in

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