Snaffles, Stopping, Backing & more with Mike Davis

In this video, Snaffles, Stopping, Backing & more with Mike Davis, you will learn exactly how these three things impact each other. Mike Davis is a World-Champion Reining Horse Trainer & Competitor but more importantly, Mike is an accomplished and highly regarded horseman who understands and practices the art of horsemanship, every single day with client horses asRead more ⟶

Tips On Improving Your Balance & Performance

Balance is a critical element when it comes to safety, performance and success in the saddle.   In this video, Mike Davis, Champion Reining Horse Trainer & Horseman provides several quick tips and exercises to help you do just that!

Does Your Horse Hold the Bridle?

Does your horse hold his/her bridle?   If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out this quick video with Champion Reining Horse Trainer, Mike Davis. For more information and to order Bits, Bridles and other necessary tack for your horse, visit our TACK section.

Bit & Bridle Basics with Mike Davis

When it comes to bits and bridles and knowing the basics, this quick video with Mike Davis will give you the basics and help you build a foundation  for the proper selection and use of all tack…especially bits & bridles! For more information and to find the tack that’s right for you and your horse,Read more ⟶